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Ellen Beekmans as label

In our online shop you will find an extensive collection of Ellen Beekmans jewelry. Ellen Beekmans has been designing jewelry since 2010 and her collections are distinguished by femininity, elegance and a sophisticated mix of colors and materials. The jewelry was immediately enthusiastically received by a large audience and the brand has since grown into an international brand.

The mission of Ellen Beekmans and her team is to make all women shine. Jewelry is the 'Finishing touch' to your outfit!

Ellen Beekmans Jewelry to go with your outfit

Ellen Beekman's necklaces, earrings and bracelets have become staples of Le Marais' collection. They just add that final finishing touch to your outfit. The affordability of the brand makes an Ellen Beekmans jewelry piece an ideal gift for any woman!

Ellen Beekmans necklaces

With an Ellen Beekmans necklace you can go either way. It is an ideal gift to give and receive, but often a piece that has a story and a memory attached to it. With a necklace you can add the finishing touch to your outfit or make a statement. Just what you need at the time of wearing.

Combinate different necklaces, colors and materials with each other to create your own look. Click here to see the various chain lengths to be sure of the correct length size.

Ellen Beekmans earrings

It will be hard to choose from Le Marais' alluring collection of Ellen Beekmans earrings. Mix and match is therefore a perfect option and this way you can wear different earrings at the same time. From small buttons and rings with charms to long ear studs with colored stone bars. What do you choose?

Ellen Beekmans bracelets

Several delicate bracelets together or one larger showpiece? Fortunately, we have two wrists and it's all possible. Treat yourself to a new beauty and look in your jewelry box to see what piece(s) you can match it with to make your outfit look that little bit different.

Ellen Beekmans rings

Rings can fortunately be worn on any finger these days, which means an infinite possibility of variation. It's also fun to mix gold and silver colors so that it becomes consistent with your other jewelry again. Click here to find out what size ring you need.

Ellen Beekmans online ordering at Le Marais

Shop an Ellen Beekmans jewelry now and complete your look at Le Marais online. Because of their friendly price, the jewelry is also an ideal item to give as a gift. Order now incl. free gift wrap!