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Le Bon Shoppe women's socks

  • Meet the Le Bon Shoppe brand
  • Le Bon Shoppe, literally means "the good store". Le Bon Shoppe was inspired by two American friends' personal search for the perfect basic items for their own closets. The intention is to create a "one stop shop" with good products that make you look even more beautiful and also make you feel good. Their vision is to create beautiful, self-contained pieces that live on without being subject to the vagaries of seasons and trends. The focus is on natural materials, simple designs and prismatic colors. Le Bon Shoppe's women's socks are timeless treasures you can add to your own treasure chest.

  • Comfort and and style combined
  • From the perfect outfit to the perfect socks you will find it all at Le Marais. Socks are of course firstly to keep your feet warm, secondly that you can walk comfortably in your shoes and third but not less important that this indispensable garment gives just an extra bit of character and style to your combination. So an extra little gem to go with your outfit...

  • The materials of Le Bon Shoppe
  • The focus is on natural materials. A blend of blends is always used to make Le Bon Shoppe's comfortable socks. Generally, this is cotton, merino or modal. Added is always a minimum of 2% spandex, this is to maintain the optimal shape and so the socks do not sag and last but not least, about 13% polyester to ensure abrasion resistance.

    The collection of Le Bon Shoppe at Le Marais

    The exclusive collection of Le bon Shoppe women's socks can be found at Le Marais. The wonderfully comfortable glitter socks, sneaker socks and pretty pants socks are perfectly matched to mix and match with any outfit.

  • Buy socks from Le Bon Shoppe? Order directly from Le Marais!
  • Complete your Le Marais outfit with Le Bon Shoppe's wonderfully soft socks or give a pair of glitter socks as a gift. Free gift wrap! Shop Le Bon Shoppe women's Le Marais socks online now!