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P448 sneakers for women

To make a statement. Convention-breaking. Attention-grabbing. This is P448. At P448, they believe that personal style should have no limits.

About the brand P448

"Made in Italy" absolutely beats the P448 brand in every way. Even though the "sneaker mania" was already in full swing and the market was crowded, Italian entrepreneurs Marco Samorè and Andrea Curti, who started in 2014, still managed to launch a new successful sneaker brand in the small village of Forlì (Bologna). P448 is not an abbreviation of anything, just a code of the project they started.

P448 has created for itself a niche market for consumers looking for sneakers that are made of innovative materials, are chic and value Italian craftsmanship.

P448 Sneakers: sporty and stylish sneakers for women

P448 sneakers are carefully designed and crafted by innovative designers and artisans in Italy. Daring, street culture and class are embraced to create sneakers with a forward-looking soul. The footwear is strategically handcrafted with a careful selection of rich materials. There is attention to detail at every step, from leather cutting to sole stitching.

Sustainable materials

P448 is committed to using Italian craftsmanship combined with environmentally friendly materials and sustainable processes. We continue to develop collections that are better for the planet, such as recycled leather and suede and biovegan leather.

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Complete your personal outfit with the original durable sneakers by Italian brand P448. Sporty, stylish and craftsmanship all in one shoe. Buy your P448 sneakers at Le Marais online.