This is how to care for your wool clothing.

  • Wool
  • Wool is a common natural fiber obtained from sheep and other animals: cashmere, mohair and kidmohair comes from goats, alpaca is from animals (alpacas) of the camel family and angora comes from rabbits. It is renewable, recyclable and - if not treated with chemicals - biodegradable. Wool is best known for its warming properties when it is cold, but it is also temperature regulating to stay cool when it is hot. This is due to the structure of the wool fibers, which allows them to hold air and absorb moisture without getting damp.


  • Should I wash or refresh my wool clothing?
  • The natural wool grease makes woolself-cleaning, antibacterial and dirt and odor repellent, therefore, it is certainly not necessary to wash your wool sweater, vest or dress after every wear. Airing or hanging just outside the shower often does wonders.

    Though it is important to wash wool garments regularly, not only to remove stains, but also to ward off moths. Moths in fact descend on spots (proteins), which are also spots that you do not see yourself.

  • How do you wash wool?
  • Wool washing in the machine
  • We at Le Marais believe that it is safest, to wash wool on the wool wash cycle of a modern washing machine. With this special program, the temperature change is slow and the supply of the wool detergent is gradual. Also, the wool wash cycle of the modern washing machine does not wring out the wool clothes, but instead slowly turns the laundry over. The spin speed should not exceed 600 rpm.

    It is important that the temperature indicated is 30ºC maximum, as wool can shrink due to heat.

    Further, it is recommended to wash only with wool and especially not to add pants with zippers. Also note the colors, dark by dark and light by light.

  • Wool washing by hand
  • If your machine does not have a suitable wool wash program or you still prefer to wash your favorite sweater by hand follow these steps:

    1. Fill your sink, tub (small layer) or a bucket with cold water, not ice cold (max 30ºC)
    2. Add 1 teaspoon of special wool detergentor failing that take your shampoo (wool and cashmere are hair, after all) and mix well with the water.
    3. Add your wool item(s), but don't mix colors, don't mix beige and white with colored well and wash very dark colors separately too.
    4. Immerse item(s) in water and turn ca. half a minute around, then let rest for half an hour. Important! Never soak wool in water for hours.
    5. Drain "dirty" water and rinse out item(s) under the faucet, making sure the soapy water is completely removed.

  • Using fabric softener with wool
  • Never use fabric softener to wash your wool clothes. In fact, softeners and chemicals are harmful to wool fibers. Fabric softener leaves a kind of coating on the wool, which negates the natural properties of wool. If your water contains a lot of lime, mix in a splash of natural vinegar.

  • This is how to dry wool clothing
  • No matter whether you wash your wool items in the machine or by hand, you should never put them in the dryer or wring out the excess water.

    1. Make a ball of the garment and push out the water.
    2. Take a large bath towel and lay the garment flat and in shape on half of the towel.
    3. Lay the sleeves over the front so that you get a kind of rectangle.
    4. Fold the towel in half and make a roll so that gently the last excess water is absorbed by the towel.
    5. Grab a new dry towel and place the garment on it so that it lies flat and can continue to air dry.

  • Wool ironing
  • By ironing your wool garment, it will become like new again. Set your iron on the wool setting. If your iron does not have this setting, do not iron too hot and preferably with steam. The steam will "reshape" your sweater or cardigan. Instead of sliding your iron from front to back, gently push and lift the iron onto the wool. The only thing you should not iron are the cuffs of your sweater. Also, after ironing with steam, your favorite sweater or cardigan will feel soft again.

  • Wool lint prevention and removal
  • To avoid unwanted lint and pilling for as long as possible, it is best to be careful regarding shoulder bags, backpacks or large jewelry, which come into direct contact with the wool and damage the fiber which in turn can cause pilling.

  • Storage tips
  • Storage your wool items by folding and stacking them neatly. This helps prevent stretching and sleeve impressions.

    Wash your wool items before you store them for the summer season, then store them eg. in cotton bags, but never in plastic containers. This is all to prevent moths from having free rein.

  • Frequently asked questions care wool
  • What wool does not sting?
  • Alpaca woolcontains no wool fat lanolin and does not sting, therefore it is perfect for allergic reactions or sensitive skin. Merino woolis on several levels a very high quality wool that does not sting, this is because the merino sheep live in warm areas which makes the wool 'fiber' (basically it is hair) longer, smoother and finer and therefore itches much less. The wool can also absorb a high percentage of moisture, which is transported to the outside air where it can evaporate.

  • Which wool does not fluff?
  • The refined microstructure of alpaca woolalso ensures that your cardigans and sweaters hardly fluff at all. Merino wool of high quality comes a close second. Still some lint then use the Steamery stockholm Depiller

  • What wool does not pile?
  • Alpaca wool has a high resistance, and therefore hardly any pilling. This allows you to extend the life of your clothes and accessories. You will be able to enjoy them much longer with your favorite items.

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