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Closed as a label

Closed has been a high-quality and timeless jeans and clothing brand with super comfort and attention to detail for over 40 years. Every season, Closed manages to create a collection consisting of beautiful basics and some surprising eye-catchers. This makes Closed's garments perfect when putting together your capsule wardrobe: timeless basics combined with a few more eye-catching items. Quality, comfort, and durability are the words that describe this brand.

Where does Closed come from?

Closed was born from the idea of design couple Marithé and François Girbaud to launch the first Italian jeans brand called ÇA in 1968. This name was renamed Closed in 1978. In the early 1990s, the two business partners Hans Leplow and Günther Giers bought the company and transferred it in 2009 to Giers` son Gordon and his two friends Til Nadler and Hans Redlefsen who remain business partners, owners and friends to this day.

The more than 40 years of experience is the basis for the constant innovation in terms of wearing comfort, quality, responsible production and social responsibility.

Closed Jeans at Le Marais

Le Marais carries one of the largest Closed women's collections in Europe online. As a result, every season you will find many great Closed denim classics such as the Pedal Pusher, the Baker and Skinny Pusher. Whatever model you go for, a Closed jeans is as far as we are concerned a key item in your wardrobe since you can combine it endlessly. Wear it not only casually, but also with a pair of nice shoes and chic blouse or blazer, when going out for a night out or for a party.

How does Closed women's clothing fit?

Closed women's clothing is known for its high wearing comfort due to soft fabrics and natural materials and generally falls true to size. Furthermore, a comfortable fit and European fit ensure that the garments are like a second skin around you. Closed's garments stand out for their own sporty style and character.

Closed women's clothing online at Le Marais

Le Marais carries one of the largest Closed women's collections in Europe online. Don't miss anything this winter from this sporty brand with a little nerve. Shop your most favorite, comfortable Closed items from our online store now.

How sustainable is Closed?

Sustainability and social responsibility have been top priorities at Closed since the beginning. They strive to minimize environmental impact in the production process without compromising on high quality standards.

Sustainability Report: Every year, Closed produces a sustainability report that details how and in what ways they are working as a company to continually score better on sustainability. Download their latest report here.

Fair Wear Foundation: In addition to the guarantee to legally guarantee fair wages, fixed working hours, hygiene, safe working conditions and no child labor, all of Closed's partners must sign their Code of Conduct and Closed has also joined The Fair Wear Foundation in 2021, which conducts regular production audits as an external independent party.

Local Production: Closed produces 88% in Europe, with Denim produced entirely in Italy. Then the products are transported by land to storage and stores, not by air.

Other sustainable actions: in 2018, Closed started setting up the Better Blue production standards for its jeans collections. Based on these standards, 50% less water, 25% less energy and 60% less chemicals are used during the production process, and they strive to constantly improve these figures. By 2022, 75% of Closed jeans will be produced using these standards.

Further, more and more recycled and organic materials are being used, and fur, down and angora have not been used for several years. Whenever possible, Closed uses the most environmentally friendly solution when packaging, shipping and printing. In addition, through donations to climate organizations, the brand ensures that its headquarters and Better Blue productions are CO-2 neutral.