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No Man's Land as a Label

The Dutch-Italian brand No Man's Land is known for its fine pure materials, comfortable fit, Mediterranean elegance and its beautiful warm color palette. No Man's Land clothing brings peace to your wardrobe and gives countless opportunities to mix and match with your other items. In winter, you can't help but fall in love with one of the lovely mohair wool sweaters or cardigans, and in summer, you won't want to miss the wonderfully airy linen dresses.

Where does No Man's Land come from?

No Man's Land was founded by Dutch Anet Ooijman and her Italian husband Salvatore Cascone. After years of working in the Italian fashion industry, they decided to start their own clothing brand in 1993. Searching for a name for their brand, they stumbled upon a music album titled "No Man´s Land. The title turned out to refer not to one of the songs but to a poem, which immediately caught their attention and fit perfectly with their lifestyle and way of doing business. Almost all materials are of European origin and production is largely in Italy.

Various types of women's clothing from No Man's Land

Pure and high-quality fine materials such as merino and alpaca wool, linen, silk and cotton are the basis of the timeless items in every No Man's Land collection. In addition to the extensive "knit collection," this women's brand includes blouses, slacks, dresses, t-shirts and a special "travel collection" all in a soft, warm color palette.

How does No Man's Land women's clothing fit?

No Man's Land fits true to size. With the ultimate blend of Italian flair and Dutch fit, No Man´s land is a brand for every woman who values quality, elegance and comfort. The items are characterized by feminine silhouettes, soft materials and comfortable fits.

No Man´s Land women´s clothing online at Le Marais

Discover the largest collection of No Man´s Land women´s clothing in our webshop. For more than 20 years, No Man's Land has been one of Le Marais' top brands. The brand stands for timeless, comfortable elegance and natural materials. Shop your most favorite, comfortable items from our online store now.