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Bellerose as a label

Bellerose women's clothing is characterized by a fine mix between urban, quirky and an original color palette. The Bellerose women's collection adds an extra cheerful and quirky touch to our Le Marais family, making it the perfect addition to the unique composition of our selection. The mix of vintage, classic and the comfort we as women want today, makes it hard not to fall for at least one unique piece from this original brand from our southern neighbors every season.

How did Bellerose come into being?

The Bellerose story began with passion, experience, adventure and the perfect abilities to put it all together into a brand. In 1989, during a trip in his beloved United States, everything fell into place for Belgian Patrick van Heurck. His experience in the world of menswear, his fascination with technical craftsmanship and a visit to a small village called Bellerose on Long Island - New York, was what it took to make his long-held plan a reality.

It will then be almost 10 years before the launch of the Bellerose clothing line for women, designed by Laetitia van Gindertael. Four years later, a children's line was also added to the brand, making Bellerose a brand for the whole family!

What makes Bellerose unique as a label?

Although Bellerose launches a new collection every season and responds to current trends, the items themselves are not subject to fashion. The principle that a garment should last a long time makes Bellerose a sustainable brand.

What fabrics are clothes from Bellerose made from?

Sustainability and quality are paramount at Bellerose, which is achieved by using premium quality materials and the right suppliers. Bellerose tries to work as much as possible with natural fabrics such as wool, cashmere, cotton, linen and silk. This ensures high wearing comfort, simply because it feels pleasant on the skin, lasts longer and is also truly durable.

The use of synthetic materials is resorted to when it contributes to a product's sturdiness and/or better maintenance, thereby increasing its lifespan.

Bellerose women's clothing online at Le Marais

Bellerose women's clothing is a fine blend between urban, a touch of sensuality and an original color palette. Discover your favorite Bellerose items at Le Marais online and order now!