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Inti Knitwear as a label

Inti Knitwear is a sustainable and animal-friendly Dutch label that makes sweaters, cardigans and accessories such as hats and scarves in-house. The wonderfully supple and mega soft Inti Knitwear cardigans and Inti Knitwear sweaters are a must-have for your wardrobe. There is nothing like keeping yourself warm in a super soft light knit made from the finest Alpaca quality. Complete your outfit with a colorful Inti Knitwear scarf and hat.

How did the Inti Knitwear brand come about?

Who thinks that when you pack your backpack, it could be an adventure that will last more than 30 years? Dutchmen Anne Cales and Leon van den Broek are these lucky adventurers. It was love at first sight when they were introduced to beautiful South America with its overwhelming nature, wide variety of culture, the hospitable lovely people and wool. All this makes them decide to stay.

Anna and Leon founded Inti Knitwear in 1993 and to this day spend half the year in Otavalo, in northern Ecuador to support production and their team consisting of now more than 700 knitters.

What are Inti Knitwear items made of?

Inti Knitwear items are produced with respect for people and planet, using high quality materials such as merino and baby alpaca wool.

Fine merino and alpaca wool is warm, less itchy, contains no lanolin (making it hypoallergenic) and is naturally water-repellent and fire-resistant. The alpaca fiber is hollow inside and therefore has unique thermal properties. In winter, wool stores body heat while insulating against the cold. In summer, alpaca fibers provide heat balance because they repel heat.

What is the production process of fair trade Inti Knitwear like?

Fair Trade means fair exchange. Inti Knitwear offers recognition to its knitters in Ecuador in addition to fair wages and job satisfaction by including the name of the knitters on the label of each sweater. Knitters are allowed to work from home on their own time so they can take care of their household at the same time. When you choose Inti Knitwear clothing, you contribute to a fairer world.

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