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Le Marais women's clothing and accessories

The personal approach and experience that Le Marais is known for is the basis for this collection. Because of the wonderful multibrand collection we have carried at Le Marais for over 20 years, we have found that we have a very loyal clientele from all over the world. They first plan to come to our store in the historic part of Maastricht and then the rest will come around it. Le Marais' own brand, which often incorporates branding in an original way, is not only about the garment or accessory itself but also a kind of memory of a unique and exclusive shopping experience.

Le Marais - more than just women's clothing

Through her years of experience, owner Tanja Telders knows what the perfect basic items are that are indispensable in every woman's closet. As far as she is concerned, good essentials are the basis for any good outfit. Each piece should offer comfort and be of good quality, and on top of that, the person wearing it should feel a little finer and more beautiful. If a garment or accessory has these 3 characteristics, then Tanja's mission is accomplished.

The materials of Le Marais clothing

In addition to the Le Marais brand's focus on natural materials, organic cotton or recycled products are used whenever possible. In addition, a Le Marais product only meets our "sustainable requirement" if it lasts more than 30 wears.

Stylish collections Le Marais

The stylish and thoughtful items from le Marais are the ideal addition to any outfit. The perfect white blouse, beautiful basic t-shirt or practical shopper with a subtle text as a nod to the brand are the ideal and also sustainable choices for your closet.

order Le Marais women's clothing?

Complete your outfit with an essential from the Le Marais brand or give a nice t-shirt or practical shopper as a gift. Free gift wrap! Shop Le Marais essentials online now!