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What is Mercer Amsterdam brand?

Mercer Amsterdam is a high-end sneaker label founded in 2013 by Dutch designer Pim Dresen. The brand is known for its unique, distinctive sneakers that are both stylish and comfortable. One of the key features of Mercer Amsterdam is its attention to detail. All Mercer Amsterdam sneakers are handmade by craftsmen trained in traditional shoemaking techniques. In addition to sneakers, the brand now produces jackets, T-shirts and sweaters, with the same unique, casual vibe as its sneakers. The brand has become known primarily for its collaborations with NASA, UCLA, Beverly Hills Hotel and Starter.

How sustainable are Mercer Amsterdam's sneakers?

Mercer wants to show its customers that trendy, high-end sneakers and sustainability in the form of vegan materials go together perfectly. In the production of its sneakers, Mercer Amsterdam values sustainability and innovation, and the brand is working toward full sustainability of its product offering and supply chain. In addition, Mercer Amsterdam is involved in social projects and organizations dedicated to improving the living conditions of people around the world.

What materials does Mercer Amsterdam use?

Mercer Amsterdam strives to be a forerunner in sustainable innovation and wants to show the market that conventional materials can be replaced by plant-based, recycled materials. For example, Mercer Amsterdam is the first brand to launch - in collaboration with Piñatex - a fully sustainable vegan sneaker made of pineapple leather. Its success has led to the use of wine leather, cactus leather, algae outsoles, recycled materials and more.

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