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Zenggi as a Label

Each new Zenggi collection represents evolution not revolution. This means the designs are timeless and the materials durable. Zenggi offers design and fashion awareness. Marian Wigger-designed collections are qualitative, stylish and subtle, of refined simplicity and with a timeless blend of past and present. Wonderfully comfortable items with a special feminine touch. Every Zenggi dress, Zenggi pants or sweater is made with you, the woman, in mind. You won't get bored of a garment from Zenggi because you can combine them in endless ways, ensuring a complete and cohesive wardrobe.

How did Zenggi sustainable clothing come about?

Everything starts with awareness when it comes to socially responsible production. For Zenggi, this is not an end in itself. Slow fashion is woven into its DNA. At Zenggi & TRVL DRSS, they focus on staying on top of trends that contribute to an even more environmentally friendly production process. In the meantime, thoughtful choices are made daily in terms of fabrics, production, packaging materials and transportation to minimize the footprint we leave behind.

Timeless classics: Zenggi slow fashion as the foundation of your wardrobe

Zenggi provides the vintage of later now. Present and past blend subtly. Combined with classic production techniques, innovative fabrics and timeless designs, each piece is of high quality and can be combined endlessly, year after year, generation after generation.

What materials does Zenggi work with?

Because durability is a top priority at Zenggi, it is important that each garment lasts as long as possible. Materials like o.a cotton, lyocell, techno silk, polyamide but also the wools used in every Zenggi dress, pants, blouse , sweater or pants are developed in close cooperation with the most innovative and trusted manufacturers from Italy and Japan. This unique and long-term collaboration ensures that the fabrics and materials used for Zenggi clothing are increasingly sustainable and high quality, and therefore an important link to be part of the slow fashion culture.

At Le Marais you will find the new collection of Zenggi clothing

Le Marais loves brands committed to producing garments and accessories responsibly. Zenggi women's clothing definitely falls under this heading. Timeless classics that exude a certain luxury and glamour are also hanging on our racks this season. Each piece is chosen with love and are perfect to combine with our other brands like o.a. No Man´s land, MKT, FFC and Closed.

Zenggi women's clothing ordering: Le Marais the outlet with wide range

Zenggi now provides the vintage of later. Looking for a stylish Zenggi dress, pantaloons over wonderfully soft sweater for work or just to have and you believe in slow fashion buy the latest seasonal items at Le Marais online now.