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Anonymous Copenhagen as a Label

The Danish brand Anonymous Copenhagen pays homage to the so familiar Scandinavian look. Beautiful elegant silhouettes, modern colors and high quality materials. A brand of shoes that every woman wants to wear on her feet. Founded in 2012, Anonymous Copenhagen has managed to produce a beautiful collection of shoes for women every season since its inception. Moreover, sustainability and corporate social responsibility are at the top of the priority list.

Modern Danish design from Anonymous Copenhagen

The collection by Anonymous Copenhagen has something for everyone, but all models from the hand of designer Alexander Ziegler Petersen are characterized by beautiful minimalist silhouettes and a warm color palette. Whether you are looking for a wonderfully comfortable sandal from Anonymous Copenhagen, or cool booties from Anonymous Copenhagen for under a skirt, each model is unique and stylish because of its Scandinavian minimalism and European sophistication combined with an elegant "fun factor."

The materials of Anonymous Copenhagen

Producing responsibly and leaving the smallest possible footprint is at the heart of Anonymous Copenhagen. The leather used for the entire production is a by-product of the food industry and the lining is 100% chrome-free. Furthermore, we only work with LWG-certified tanneries. The leather is obtained from producers located as close as possible to the productions located in northern Portugal without compromising the high quality that Anonymous Copenhagen is so proud of.

Anonymous Copenhagen Sale

Looking for heeled ankle boots, cool boots or elegant sandals, Anonymous Copenhagen is definitely the brand for you. Danish design combined Portuguese craftsmanship. Which model, you decide! Also check out the Anonymous Copenhagen sale.